MUSE Evolutionary Arts Foundation

A gifting and granting non-profit foundation 501(c)3 for evolutionary artists and creatives developing projects emerging in VR/AR/XR & Web 3.0 technologies.

All Donations are Tax Deductible


MUSE provides financial resources to creators of physical, virtual, augmented and mixed reality content, artificial intelligence-driven art and cultural projects, and educational initiatives in alignment with the principles of conscious evolution.


MUSE artists and projects seek to support the awakening of humanity to a more harmonious, balanced and enlightened state of consciousness.


We believe that every evolutionary creative should be empowered to create, grow, and share their art with the world and be supported in developing meaningful and inspiring projects for the public to experience and benefit from.

Evolutionary Artist – one who consciously, and with focused, directed intention, accesses their connection with Source Vibration to bring through advanced evolutionary teachings with their creative or artistic expression in support of positive, transformational experiences for humanity and planet Earth.

MUSE Evolutionary Arts Foundation, Inc.

5400 Park Street North #105, St. Petersburg, FL 33709 US

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JoAnn Chambers, Director